Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Power of LOVE!

This first section I wrote almost a year ago.  I was struggling and asking God to teach me about LOVE and in that time, I wrote a few questions hoping to discover some deep profound truth.  I ended up with more questions and I desperately needed some experiences that I could learn from.  So here is what I had to say a year ago.

LOVE…what is it really?

Is it a feeling? An action? Just something you say to those closest to you? Is there more to it than what we see on the surface?

I have never really fully grasped the concept of LOVE. We throw this four-lettered word around in every conversation and I guess I just don’t understand it. How do you know that someone LOVES you? Just because the words are said, it doesn’t make them true. So…what’s the trick? How do I crack the code?

When it comes to family, I am most confused. I LOVE my parents and my parents LOVE me…but what does that exactly mean? They provide for my needs and they raised me in a good home. They invested time in my life and sometimes bought me presents. They let me stick around for 18 years but now I’m out on my own. They still help me out when I need it and they give me words of wisdom when I desperately need them. But how do I know that it’s not all because they are fulfilling their parental duties? How do I know that it actually means something more to them?

What does LOVE feel like? Can I ever have this special feeling and just know that “I LOVE you?” Is LOVE a choice? Or can it just happen to you? Why does LOVING someone seem to be so painful? I feel like I will never understand…

But…God is LOVE…

I can’t even come close to understanding a simple term, LOVE…so how am I supposed to understand my God? How is He LOVE? How do I experience it? How do I feel it? I know it to be true but it is such a hard concept to grasp.

I am struggling with knowing the authenticity of the words we hear so often. We have become so desensitized to the depth of meaning behind four simple letters. We use those letters too much and the more we use them, the less they mean. Some use them to manipulate. Others use them to express themselves. There are so many levels to that one word. So the main question is…how do we distinguish between those levels? How do we know if that word is spoken with authentic motives?

So here I am in December 2010 still not knowing any answers, but also inspired by my past words.  Do you ever feel like your life has themes?  Well, I certainly do.  God teaches me lessons and typically puts a theme in my life for periods of time, some longer than others.  If I am wise enough to catch it right away, I'm lucky.  Sometimes I have to suffer and struggle before I recognize what God is up to and what He's trying to teach me.  Well, thankfully this time I was a little bit quicker to pick up on my life theme.  It's LOVE!  Unfortunately for me, this word carries a lot of weight and is way deeper than I will ever fully understand.  So in this themed time of my life, I'm just trying to figure out exactly what God wants me to learn about LOVE.

His LOVE, my LOVE, the outcome of LOVE...
The basis of our relationship with God is LOVE.  Yes our message is always about salvation and grace, but those wouldn't exist if it wasn't for LOVE.  It is because God LOVED that He gave us forgiveness and grace.  It is because we LOVE God, that we receive His grace and forgiveness as well as enter into a relationship with Him.  We serve Him for His LOVE.  He LOVES us regardless of what we do or don't do.  We LOVE Him because He created us and LOVED us first.  I could go on all day with this, but I think you might get the picture.  We are redeemed by LOVE and we can redeem through LOVE. 

It's not just about us!  Because we experience God's LOVE which saves us, He calls us to LOVE in order to save others.  There is no need for pushy debates about theology and Christianity.  All we are called to do is LOVE them.  LOVE brings about questions and LOVE draws people in.  If only we can learn how to LOVE, God will work the rest out.  LOVE changes your perspective and your heart.  LOVE focuses you on what is really a priority.  Change the world with LOVE!! True, pure, depths-of-your-heart LOVE!

I have always been pretty selfish about my time and my needs, but my focus is changing.  Suddenly, I have the urge to just LOVE on as many people as I can.  So many people need LOVED.  It's not about me anymore, it's about showing others that God LOVES them and be an example of that LOVE.  I want to LOVE like God LOVES...and that is so scary because I know that He LOVES a lot better than me!

 My drawing inspired by God and His LOVE