Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life Lesson from a Flat Tire

Sometimes I just have to let go and laugh at my circumstances.  Just when I think that I've figured it out, something happens to mess up my perfect little plan.  Let me just give you an example.

I finally bought a car about three weeks ago.  Good old Spunkly, my 96 Saturn, is no more.  He has been replaced with a 2009 Honda Civic.  It's always a challenge for me to name my vehicles though.  There are so many characteristics to consider when creating just the right name.  (Feel free to judge my crazy theories here).  Knowing that this is a solid and reliable car I have to choose the name well because it will be around for a very long time.  I plan on driving that car until it falls into a thousand pieces, preferrably later rather than sooner. 

A week ago, after much frustration and creativity, I was able to create a name for this new car of mine.  D'on (dee-on).  Originally, there wasn't too much significance other than I wanted a black-esk name.  As I thought about it more, though, I was able to come up with a corny and somewhat cheesy explanation behind the name.  He is a car that I can "Depend" on...D'on.  In my excitement, I texted, messaged, and told everyone I saw that evening all about my car's new name.  We laughed a lot and created cheesy jokes.  It was a great name for my cool new car. 

A couple of days ago, as if to mock me, good old D'on decided to have a flat tire.  I took it in to see if it could be patched and hoped for the best.  Besides, he's D'on after all.  Dependable, right?  An inexplicable hole had found it's way into the side wall of D'on's tire which meant that before I have even paid my first bill on the car, I am replacing parts.  D'on has one new tire that doesn't match and has already made me a little upset. 

Through the whole process, I went through a series of emotions.  1. Laughter, 2. Frustration, 3. Laughter, 4. Anger, 5. Laughter, 6. Acceptance, 7. Laughter.

I have decided that I'm destined to always have issues with vehicles.  No matter how hard I try to take good care of my car, it will always let me down.  It is an object after all.  It wears and tears and slowly breaks down over time.  It can't be beautiful, shiny, or reliable all the time. 

The funniest part is that while creating the name D'on and the cheesy explanation, I knew that the only one I can truly "Depend" on is God.  Somehow, in the pit of myself, I knew that the name would come back to bite me.  Hehe! Oh did it! :)  No matter how awesome this new car of mine is, my God is ridiculously more awesome!  No matter how dependable anything or anyone else is, my God is ridiculously more! I put my trust in Him alone! 

God, you are a funny one and you use some interesting experiences to teach us and remind us how awesome you really are.  Thank you for your reminder to me that it is you alone that I desire.