Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Impatience?...Unfortunately, Yes!

I have just finished my first full week of work at a bank.  I have been overwhelmed with information and the training process will continue throughout the next three weeks.  I am learning so much and excited about my job as a teller.  Things are going well.  The only unfortunate thing about all of this, is that I'm only working part time.  In order to get my own place to live, I will need to get another part time job after I go through training.  Regardless, I still consider myself to be very blessed.  I have quite an interesting team to work with and I know that they will always keep me on my toes. 

In other news, I have been struggling with some more impatience.  It's funny how things work out sometimes.  I wrote about my impatience with finding a job and immediately saw relief from that seconds after posting.  This time, it's a little more valid and indefinite.  My impatience is in wanting a place of my own.  I want to come home to MY groceries, MY small space, MY unfurnished apartment.  I just want my complete independence...BUT the real question is, what does GOD want for me?  I can't afford my own place for quite a while and I really just need to know what lesson God is teaching me (so I can learn it and move on).  Anyway, I guess I need to be content with where I am right now, praise God for His blessings, and continue to grow and learn until I feel led to move on. 

I was able to pay off 1/4 of my student loans today!! It's always nice to be one step closer to zero debt! I am very ready to be done with loans. 

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  1. With your work ethic Charissa - it won't be long before your new employers see how great you are and hopefully want you there more. I had a call last week of someone wanting a reference on you and I told them I would re-hire you in a second! You learned everything I taught you the FIRST time. There are not too many people like you out there and you would be an asset to any employer smart enough to hire you. :) I love you and I am praying for you that things work out exactly in the Lord's time. Not a minute sooner! :)