Sunday, May 15, 2011


It is utterly amazing how quickly time progresses.  I have allowed myself to get so busy that I hardly have time to just sit and write.  When I do have time to sit, my brain is shut off and I'm usually very close to crashing in bed.  Not too long ago I thought that I was lonely and boring.  I didn't know what to do with all of my spare time.  Now, I'm not acquainted with this concept of spare time. 

My body has literally forced me to stop this weekend.  Yesterday I woke up with a slight tension headache that progressed into a paralyzing migraine.  It made me sick to my stomach and I ended up vomiting, not only at work, but at home later in the afternoon.  Let's just say I spent a very beautiful Saturday crashed on my bed wishing that I could go hiking.  I had to embrace the solitude though, and quite honestly, I needed it.  I have kept myself so busy and I wasn't taking any time for myself and I realized that I needed to change that but didn't.  Well, nature has a way of slowing us down when we choose not to on our own. 

Since living in Austin, I have embraced the culture of no worries, chill out, it'll work out.  Every so often, though, I fall back into the uptight yankee ways of my upbringing. I guess I can't blame it all on that!  I have allowed the little stuff to build up, stress me out, and affect me in ways that I shouldn't.  There are too many more important things to think about and deal with.  I have been so driven by this urgency to save for a new car that I have forgotten about everything else, including my own health.  I can not keep pushing myself so hard! 

This weeks lesson:  Chill out, relax, and give it to God.  When the time is right, it'll happen!

In two weeks my mom will be in Austin, TX to visit me for the first time and I am super excited!  I am looking forward to showing her around MY city.  My only problem is deciding where to take her and what to do while she is here.  There are so many cool and unique things and places that I want to show her!  Most importantly though...I get to spend some quality time with my momma in a place that means so much to me.  Good stuff! 

If you're an Austinite, please give me suggestions for my mom's trip! :)


  1. Baha moms first trip.. So many ideas overwhelm me! :D

  2. Definitely take her to a good Tex-mex place, like Matts El Rancho or Gueros.