Friday, May 6, 2011


Many from my Texas adventure have asked me about Indiana and what makes it so special, or not.  On my recent visit to my childhood state, I decided to make some comparisons.  This is my list to share with y'all.

1.  GRASS (now, Texas appears to have grass, but in IN it is soft like carpet and you don't have to wear shoes. I miss that)
2.  FEEDER/ACCESS ROADS (U-turn?  In IN, a U-turn is where you pull into a random driveway, back up, and go the other direction.  Texas just builds those in with their stop lights.  Not too shabby of an idea)
3.  TRAFFIC LIGHTS (TX = horizontal, IN = vertical...which is better?  idk)
4.  SEASONS (TX has two...kinda...IN has four...distinctly.  The one I miss the most is Fall)
5.  CURRENT WEATHER CONDITIONS (IN is flooding in places, TX is in drought)

When it comes to things that I miss about Indiana, I would have to go with...
*cooler weather, corn fields, non-threatening storms, grass, straight flat roads, autumn, and family

There really isn't anything that special about Indiana and I guess that's why I like it.  No tourists, no fuss, no hussle bussle of out-of-towners.  It was a peaceful and somewhat secluded life.  I felt protected from the outside world and the emerging culture of our time.  Life was simple.

I couldn't live in that protective bubble of the simple country life forever though.  I had to come into today's culture.  As much as it scares me sometimes, it's also pretty cool.  I often wonder where we, as people, are headed..  Have we discovered more about God, or have we not cared to seek Him?  I'm sure we all have days of both, but in the bigger picture of it all...what are we doing to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth?

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