Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rough Week!

This past week has been full of good and bad situations that have required faith and mental processing.  I have been so overwhelmed and it is wonderful to have today to just relax and let it all go. 

On Sunday, my car decided not to start, leaving me stranded at home.  We finally got it to start back up so I took it to a mechanic for an opinion.  According to him, there is nothing seriously wrong with my car and until the scenario recreates itself there is nothing he can do to fix it.  So each time I get in my car I have to wonder if it will start or not.  I'm not particularly enthused about that, but at least it is working again for now. 

On Monday, I made the leap into adulthood and put down a deposit for an apartment.  Although the rent will take up at least 50% of my income, I have decided to trust God and allow Him to dictate my steps.  I have become comfortable with living off of others and it is time for me to really step out on my own.  It is a stretch, but I know that with God, I can do it!

Tuesday brought a little relief because I was asked to work full time at the bank.  I may only have it for a temporary time frame, but every little bit helps.  It was also cool to see how I took that financial step towards an apartment not knowing that the next day would hold some financial provision.  In addition, I have already accumulated many furniture donations.  This apartment is so exciting not as much for me to have my own place, but more so that I can have a place that will allow me to have an open door policy for my girls and my friends.  I want this space so I can help others.  I move in mid-February.

The rest of the week was chaotic at the bank and loaded with many decisions and lots of stress.  I am so thankful that I was able to survive this week and move past all of the barriers.  I have to admit...I did not handle this week well.  My spiritual health was sacrificed and it was difficult watching myself give less than my all.  Because of it though, I am determined to do better and to press on.  I am human and make mistakes, but I will learn from them and allow God to restore me.  I have definitely fallen short of the glory of God this week, but I choose to learn from this experience and try harder next week.  I want to love more and worry less this next week. 

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