Monday, March 14, 2011

Parents, Bugs, Food

As y'all have read from my past few posts, I have been struggling with friends (or lack of) and just feeling a little homesick.  On Thursday, my friend Taelor came over and it was so nice to catch up and just chill.  I needed it soooo bad!  She always knows how to cheer me up and encourage me to keep going strong!  I'm so thankful that God put her in my life! :)

Saturday, my dad was able to come to Austin to visit me for a little bit.  He brought my uncle and aunt with him as well.  It was a good time.  It was nice to see some familiarity from my past.  I'm definitely looking forward to my flight to Indiana in April.  I wanna hug my momma and see my big sis!  AND the new addition to the family, my niece!  I still have to wait another month though...and it seems like my little niece is quite content to stay in her momma's belly for a little while longer.  I'm ok with that! :) 

Saturday evening I came home from work and crawling down my hall was the largest bug I have ever come face to face with.  After much debate with my friends here in Texas, the general concensus says that it was a cockroach! EWWWWW!!  Anyway...this is how it went down!

"AAAAAHHHHH!!  WHAT THE HECK? YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HOME!"  Keep in mind that I do not have a vacuum at this point and I have never encountered something so large.  My first thought was to take a pic on my phone so that I could show the world my unwanted visitor, but I quickly discovered that my hand would have to get entirely too close to the bug and I decided it was not worth it for me.  I frantically looked around for an idea to remove the sucker from my apartment.  There was no way I was going to bed knowing that thing was inside.  I never would have slept. 

*light bulb* I went into the kitchen, grabbed a plastic cup and a piece of cardboard and prepared myself to get up close and personal to this nasty bug.  My first attempt was a fail.  Mr. Roach scurried very quickly under my entertainment shelf.  Insert Charissa screaming and throwing the plastic cup across the living room.  My heart was pounding.  My thoughts went something like this..."why can't there be a man here to save me? This bug is just too big!" 

I pulled myself together, took a few deep breaths, and shuffled some things under the shelf to get Mr. Roach into the kitchen.  I slammed the cup down, trapping him inside.  I could hear and even feel him running around the edges of the cup, frantically trying to escape and successfully giving me the creepy-crawlies.  It still makes me shiver thinking about it.  I slid the cardboard under the cup and took him outside and let him free.  That was not choice number one for me, but seeing as I was incapable of killing something so large that was my only option. 

I felt like a frightened little girl!  I HATE bugs...especially giant bugs...and even more so...giant roaches!! Gross!! The pic is pretty close to what was in my apartment!

In other news, I now have a vacuum.  FINALLY!  And I am very much looking forward to being able to use it! 

Also on a lighter note, I have successfully made two meals.  I redeemed myself in the area of pancakes!  I did so well on Sunday, that I even made chocolate chip pancakes!  Yea...I'm good! This evening I made tilapia with teryaki sauce and had yellow squash and zuccini.  That was probably the first well-balanced meal I've had since moving.  It was delicious and made enough for a few lunches this week as well.  I think I might just survive the single life!       


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  1. Funny Post! I hate cockroaches just as much as you do and could totally picture you screaming and throwing your cup across the room! I could even imagine if I was there with you. We would have both jumped onto a couch or chair clutching each other for dear life and then started planning our next move. Girl! I miss you! Reading your posts makes me want to call you. I hope you still have the same number. If you don't give me a ring in the next couple of days if you haven't heard from me!