Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Lessons

As I come to the end of week number 2 in my own apartment, I feel the need to share some wisdom with the world.  These are all things that I have learned in the past two weeks and I hope you enjoy!

10 Steps to a Successful Life

1.  Always remember to spray the pan before you put "whatever" in it to bake (clean-up is impossible if you forget)
2.  Take out the trash often (you never know what you threw away yesterday that might start smelling today)
3.  Have a place near the door where you put things that you can't forget to take when you leave the next morning (even that doesn't always work...but it's one step closer to remembering)
4.  LOCK the door when you come inside and know that you won't be leaving again until the next morning (two nights already have gone by with the door completely open...God is watching out for me)
5.  When you're done cooking, it's ok to turn the oven/burner off (actually it's preferrable and safer)
6.  Check your mail (yes, you do have a mailbox...don't forget about it)
7.  Wash dishes (you may think you are ahead, but don't worry you're drinking juice right now so you'll still have something to wash never ends, accept it)
8.  Light candles or spray Febreze frequently (no matter how hard you try, something always smells funny..."something" usually being yourself)
9.  Place a small bowl with baking soda in the fridge (it's amazing how much better it smells)
10.  Be patient (everything can't be done right small step at a time to get it all done)

I have had so many interesting things happen to me these past two weeks.  I am learning so much, not only about life, but about myself.  It will definitely be a miracle if I can survive on my own for two years.  I think the kitchen is the most dangerous and intimidating part of living on my own.  Not to mention that I'm so indecisive and impatient.  I want something to eat and I want it now!

This past Sunday, I woke up sick.  I think that was my least favorite day alone yet.  There was no one to comfort me when I threw up.  There was no one to bring me juice or make me soup.  I suffered through it all alone...and SURVIVED!!  As much as I hated it, I also enjoyed it.  There was no one to bug me.  There was no one forcing me to take meds.  I was able to make it through and move on and I didn't need anyone. 

I have felt very empowered by living alone.  Yes, it's very quiet.  Yes, it gets lonely.  But there is just something about paying my own bills that makes me feel good.  I am accomplished.  I can support myself and make this difficult transition into adulthood in spectacular fashion.  These trial and error lessons not only teach me good things, they make for pretty funny stories as well!

I would love it if y'all had any advice about life for me.  Remember, it's the little things that make a difference! You would not even believe how excited I was when I tested out the baking soda in the fridge idea!  :)

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