Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kitchen Adventure...FAIL!!

All I can say this morning as I sit in my smokey apartment is "Thank you God that I don't have a husband to feed!"  If I did, he would probably go hungry because I am a TERRIBLE cook!  This morning I felt adventurous and decided that pancakes and scrambled eggs would be a good idea.  Guess what?  It wasn't a good idea!

I mixed up the batter without any trouble.  Although I was a little low on milk.  I got out my stainless steel skillet (which I have no experience using) and put a little oil in it.  My past cooking experience has taught me that when you're working with anything other than teflon, you need to grease it.  I poured in some batter and realized that I poured too much oil in the skillet.  I decided that it would end up more like a fried funnel cake than a pancake.  So right before flipping it, I decided I would pour some of the oil into the sink.  Bad idea number 1! The pancake started to run out.  Then I decided I would use a plastic spoon to scoop some of the hot oil out.  Bad idea number 2! As soon as the spoon touched the oil, it started popping and sizzling and sending boiling drops of oil all across my kitchen.  Then I decided that I was ok with having an oily pancake.  Surely the next one will come out better.

Let's just say that none of my pancakes came out without one side burnt.  They all tasted like oil and no matter how much syrup I use, it will never quite make them edible.  And then there's the skillet.  I am not even looking forward to figuring out how to wash it.  It is soaking in hot, soapy water right now in hopes that cleaning it will be easier later.  After the pancakes, I didn't even want to think about making scrambled eggs. 

The Moral of the story is this...
Charissa desperately needs to purchase a teflon skillet!  And marriage is gonna have to wait because the poor guy, whoever he is, doesn't deserve this kind of punishment! :)

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  1. ummmm...I seriously need to come visit...just to teach you how to feed yourself edible food!! lol :)