Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Austin!

The Drive...

Day one of driving went fantastic!  I jumped in little Spunkly (my car) around 6:30 am and was on my way, feeling pretty good.  I managed to handle minimal traffic well.  It was a beautiful day and I made great time.  I listened to all of my favorite music and had moments of reflection.  All together it was a great day!  I stayed the night at Sky Ranch Cave Springs and got to catch up with some friends from the summer. 

Day two on the other hand, was quite the opposite.  I woke up with a sinus headache and some allergy issues.  I shrugged them off and figured that once I got going, I would be fine.  So 9:00 am, I was off in the direction of Texas.  It was a boring drive and I didn't get to listen to much music because my head was hurting so bad.  I got to talk to some family and friends on the phone, which was nice and helped me keep awake.  After a while though, my stomach started churning and I knew that there was only one way it could end...vomit!  I talked myself through hours of driving but it kept getting harder and harder.  At one point in time I had no where to pull off and I frantically searched the front seat for anything to upchuck in...and I found a small ziploc bag of popcorn my mom had packed for me.  I drove the next five minutes with that bag next to my mouth...just in case, but praying that this would not be how my story would go.  Thankfully, the feeling past and a couple hours later I was able to pull off at a gas station and lose my guts in the parking lot.  Random fact:  barfing on concrete is not the most fun splashes! Gross!!  Despite all of the setbacks, I finally made it into Austin around 7 and met Alan and Inda!  They are my Austin family and my temporary home. 

The Family...

Alan and Inda have been wonderful to me so far and I'm very blessed by their generosity and kindness!  I would never have been able to pick out a better family on my own.  I absolutely love it here.  The view is amazing!  The first thing I saw when I got to their house was a double rainbow...I may have started crying a little bit! It was wonderful!

My favorite thing so far...I got to clean and organize Inda's pantry today! Yes...I am a complete dork, but regardless, I love to organize! We left the door open just so we could admire it as we walk through the kitchen.  Each time we do, we giggle and say how excited we are that it's organized and clean!  We threw two and a half garbage bags of expired and gross food away and it felt so good! It has been a great day!


  1. Chrissa I had no idea that you started a blog! I had a little bit of back reading to do but I am all caught up now. I am so glad that you made it safely to Austin and that you are enjoying your "new" family! Oh and the double rainbow!?!?! Yeah I probably would have cried too! Stay strong girl and just trust in God, I know that He will show you where you need to be. :) Keep the posts coming!

  2. I'm so glad you're writing this blog! I must not lose my friend just because she lives on the opposite end of the country now! I'm glad things are starting out well for you. Our God does some incredible things sometimes, doesn't He? :)
    love ya girl!