Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week One

I have officially been in Austin, Texas for a week.  In some ways I feel like I have been here for months and in other ways, I feel like I just got here.  I feel like I have known the Williams family for years.  They were so accepting of me right away.  On Saturday, they took me to my first ever college football game.  It was definitely an experience I'm glad to have had.  We had front row seats on the sideline and it was amazing! I even got to see the locker room...without the players in it of course! The whole thing was fun!

Sunday afternoon, they took me to their lake house.  That also was a fun experience! We went out on the boat and Alan made me drive for a little bit.  I was nervous but it wasn't too bad.  We are all still alive and the boat is in one piece.  Driving around the lake definitely got my mind thinking about some things.  First of all, the cost of living in Austin is higher than Indiana.  Plus there are just a lot of people out here that seem to have a large amount of money.  Everything is high tech and fancy.  Some of the lake houses we saw were outrageous and I may have gone into a slight culture shock.  Having so little for so long makes it hard for me to justify fancy things.  So much of it is unnecessary.  There is so much money and yet so much need!  It's definitely an adjustment for me. 

Anyway, I am still looking for a job and an apartment.  Tomorrow I'm planning on hitting the streets full force with my resume.  Also, I am excited for tomorrow because it's Wednesday which means high school meets at the church.  I will be working with junior girls and I'm super excited to jump in and get to know them! I could use some prayers for that!

In other news, the weather has cooled down for a little bit and we are getting a slight taste of fall.  Apparently, it doesn't usually happen like this so I'm thankful for the nice breeze.  It is by no means hoodie weather, but it's cool for Austin this time of year! I'm very blessed and looking forward to what my future may hold for me!

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